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We hope you will read our patient feedback, found on our social pages and Google business profile. We have included a few of our recent reviews below.


Dr. Owen is a great chiropractor, he knows his stuff.  He does not try to up sell or give you treatments you don’t need. He is super friendly and it’s very easy to schedule an appointment. His office is clean and easy to visit.  I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Owen is a great Chiropractor.  I was suffering from nearly constant pain in my neck related to my desk work.  I tried many solutions without much luck. Relief was immediate after my first session with Dr. Owen and within a couple of months I was able to move to an "as needed" treatment regiment.  Not only can I concentrate on my work again, but I can easily go months (and it seems to be getting longer now) without any pain resurfacing at all! Thank you!

— Brian Gormanly

Dr. Owen is awesome! He takes the time to listen to what you are dealing with and provides proper treatment. He is friendly and have a very welcoming practice.

— Terry McCauley

It took me years to find relief and a chiropractor that doesn’t just treat you like a number. I followed him from the old location and continue to refer friends and family! Each week my adjustment is tailored to where my pain is. He is very knowledgeable and offers great advice on things I can do at home in between adjustments. I’m so thankful to have found Dr Owen!

— Julie Case

I have followed Dr Owen from his previous practice and can always count on his knowledge and expertise to keep me aligned and to resolve unexpected issues. I have a history of back issue from car wrecks and Dr Owen knows how to straighten me out every time. I highly recommend Dr Owen and will continue to be a regular patient. Thanks Doc!!

— Trevor Miller

I started seeing Dr. Owen for neck pain. He tailors your treatment to what concerns you have and how you are responding to treatment. No pre-set plans as each patient is an individual. He is professional, explains why you are having the symptoms you are and what he is doing to help alleviate them. He is very compassionate and really enjoys helping people. I highly recommend Dr. Owen!

Dr Owen is awesome! He is a great combination of professional, knowledgeable, funny and kind. I have been continuously pleased with the level of service he provides.

Dr. Owen is an Awesome Chiropractor! He has helped me so much with my chronic neck and back pain. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend him!

— Sal Palatore

I have seen Dr. Owen three times. Having never been to a chiropractor before my 1st visit to Owen Family Chiropractic, I was very nervous when the topic of adjustment was brought up.

Skip to my third visit and I feel confident and able to participate in my treatment. Personally, I think trust is a huge part of this as a patient. Dr. Owen has a way of establishing trust quickly. During my first visit, he spent quality time addressing various questions I had pertaining to chiro work and the body in general. He was able to thoroughly answer each of my questions. He is a good listener and tries to pull background information out of patients so he can learn the details surrounding your issue.

I appreciated that from the start, he acknowledged the end goal is to be in his office as little as possible. I would recommend Dr. Owen (especially to a first-timer) due to his knowledge, guidance and general method of practice.

— Rachel Tabbi

Dr. Owen is a great chiropractor! I highly recommend Dr. Owen. His practice is much different from what I have experienced at other chiropractors (in a great way!). He is extremely knowledge, he explains why you might be having the symptoms you are having, he explains what therapy he is doing and how it can help, and he even offers suggestions to your daily life that can help (ex - exercises, postures, etc.). I have tried the ultrasonic therapy, cold laser therapy and adjustments with Dr. Owen and have been impressed with all of them. Dr. Owen also does a therapeutic massage before the adjustment that I think is equally as helpful as the adjustment. Dr. Owen is very personable and you can tell he truly enjoys helping his clients. I highly recommend Dr. Owen at Owen Family Chiropractic!

— Briel Teague

Dr. Owen is very knowledgeable and takes his time with each patient, which is rare these days. I see him once or twice a month for maintenance...keeps my back and hips aligned and relieves the stress in my neck and shoulders. It's worth your time!

— Alesha McCauley

Dr. Owen has been such a blessing to me! I initially started seeing Dr. Owen for shoulder pain about 10 months ago. He took his time listening to me and working on a treatment plan to get to the root of the problem. I really got the feeling that he cared about getting me better and within a few sessions I felt long lasting relief. I’ve continued to see Dr. Owen for “maintenance visits” and have been seeing him more often recently during my pregnancy. He has helped me with pregnancy related low back and hip pain and I always look forward to my visits with him! I highly recommend him!

— Coryssa De'Leon

— Karen Wright

— Jennifer Lynn Federico

— Zack Roscoe

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